Why become a Network Partner?

Become a Go Digi Network Partner

The Go Digi program is designed to increase the online confidence and skills of 300,000 people around the country. But we can't do it alone.


What is Go Digi and what  type of organisations can join?


Go Digi is a national digital literacy program designed to support, amplify and accelerate the great work of organisations committed to improving digital literacy and online confidence in their communities across Australia. Additionally it works in a way to help those who want to help their communities but aren’t sure where to start. 


A big part of the program is the Go Digi network. The network is made up of Go Digi Network Partners and includes all kinds of organisations like local governments, U3As, neighbourhood houses, libraries and even post offices. Go Digi is offering free Network Partnership to any community organisation who is working to increase online to confidence and skills in their community. 


What will my organisation have to do as a Network Partner?

It's easy. All your organisation has to do is have a commitment to and be running, or planning to run, face-to-face learning events to increase the online confidence and skills of those in your community. To keep your status as a Network Partner, make sure you add your events to the Go Digi Online Platform.


What's in it for my organisation?

  • Free easy to read learning materials on a range of topics
  • Free event listings on the Go Digi Platform
  • Free event guides on how to plan, market and run face-to-face learning events
  • A chance to connect to similar organisations in your community


What's in in for my community?

By helping someone to get online your organisation is helping disconnected households to;

  • Save up to $700 per year on communications costs
  • Save up to $1000 per year on information & media costs
  • Save up to $500 per year on online services
  • Access to greater variety of goods and services, especially important and regional, rural and remote areas
  • Access to more educational opportunities
  • Access to health information
  • Opportunity to maintain and establish relationships with online communications

Working to increase online skills and confidence is not only good for the individuals but good for the communities they live in. 

Studies show that the more connected individuals there are, the more savings there can be in the delivery of community sector services. One face-to-face transaction costs the same as 100 online transactions. By reducing the amount of time spent face-to-face on simple tasks,  time and money is saved that can be effectively used to improve service delivery to other areas in your community.


For example;  if you can increase a person's online confidence, they may feel more comfortable completing simple transactions online instead over the phone or in person. This saves the individual, and the organisations they are dealing with, time and money that can be better spent elsewhere. 


So are you ready to sign up as a Go Digi Network Partner?


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