Mentor Tour

We all know someone who could do with help online, whether it’s a friend, family member or workmate. Being a Go Digi Mentor is an opportunity to make real difference in someone’s life by helping them get more confident in the digital world.


To become a Go Digi Mentor and start helping your friends, family and workmates, register and undertake our quick and easy online Mentors training. 

As a Go Digi Mentor, there are different ways you can help:

You don’t need to be a technology whizz to be a Go Digi Mentor, if you use the internet in your daily life you have the ability to help others. We are creating free online videos to support you, as well as our online learning guides that you can also print out.   

Our Mentors Training covers each of these topics in four easy levels.  Each level takes five minutes to complete. You can complete one level, or all of them, it is up to you! 

Mentor Tour Explained