Mentor FAQs

I know someone who would make a great mentor! How can I let them know about Go Digi?

Fantastic! You can send them over to the Go Digi Mentor tour.

I am ready to take the pledge! What now?

That's great news. The next step is to register as a Go Digi mentor.

What does being a mentor involve?

Becoming a mentor is a wonderful way to help others. By registering as a Go Digi mentor, you are taking a pledge to help others.

Where can I find the Mentor Training?

Once you have registered, you will have access to the online Mentors Training on the Go Digi website.

Do I have the skills to be a mentor?

Yes, if you have an email address and an internet connection.

Login to the Go Digi platform

You can login with the email you used to register to the Go Digi platform and password.

Mentor FAQs Explained