We’re living in a digital age but many Australians lack the confidence and the skills to make the most of being connected. One way to be a Go Digi Mentor is to take the lead within your community or organisation by making a case for improved digital skills.

To start with, you’ll need to demonstrate the importance of improving the online confidence in your community.

Digital technology makes it easier to connect and communicate. This has been shown to reduce isolation and depression, especially for seniors. Digital tools such as online video calls can bridge distances between families and friends living interstate or overseas.

Digital skills can make it much easier to find a job, with the majority of jobs now advertised online. Structural changes to the economy, including the shift from manufacturing to service economy, means that digital skills are becoming even more essential in the workplace.

The Australian Government is also moving online. They are committed to ‘Digital First’ where digital channels are the primary or preferred format for delivering services like Medicare and Centrelink.

To get started and lead a conversation about the importance of digital skills in your community, organise a workshop and invite people to speak from different parts of your community.

Encourage members of your community or organisation to become a Go Digi mentor and help someone they know learn digital skills.

Organise a pop up learning event in your community. You could hold it at a public hall or even a market. Think of ways to make it friendly and fun. You can get more tips on how to start a pop up on the Go Digi website.  For example: You might belong to a community garden group and decide to run a pop up about online gardening websites and apps. 

Write a learning guide to help someone learn how to use a website or app that you’re familiar with. Perhaps there are some digital tools that you think could really benefit people in your community.

Another way to help people to get online could be to provide free or low cost access to Wi-Fi in your community space.

Before you get started, find out what others might be doing already in your community.  It’s a good idea not to reinvent the wheel.

Also, if you are planning to hold an event, why not invite other communities or organisations to participate? Working with others can help you to have a bigger impact.

Congratulations! You have learnt how you can lead within your community or organisation to help others learn digital skills.

This is the last video in our Go Digi Mentors series and we hope you enjoyed them. Send us your tips for mentoring at [email protected]

Thank you to Aniela Kaczmarczyk, Head of Learning, Tinder Foundation for the concept of inspire, support and lead.