Inspiring someone to learn digital skills can be as simple as starting a conversation.

Sometimes people might be scared or worried about being online. It’s a good idea to not try and bombard them with too much information or advice first. Here are some of our tips.

A good mentor is a good listener. Rather than jump in and start giving advice, first you need to be a Digital Detective. A Digital Detective asks the right questions and listens carefully to the answers to find out how to best help someone.  What questions you might ask?

A good question to start with is “what are your interests and hobbies?” People learn best when they can see the relevance of what they’re learning to their life. Getting someone to talk about their interests helps a person feel more comfortable.

Perhaps your nan likes knitting? Maybe she would love the websites Pinterest or Ravelry. Our Go Digi learning guides include lots of topics on helping people follow their passions. 

It might seem obvious, but it’s always a good idea to ask someone “what would you like to use the internet for?”.To start off with let them know about the benefits of technology and how digital tools help you in your everyday life.

Perhaps you use Skype to talk to family or friends living interstate or overseas. Maybe you love online shopping, or sharing your photos with others online. You might even use the internet to follow your favourite sports team.

A great digital detective finds out if there are any specific things holding someone back from learning new digital skills. If you can find out what these are, you can more easily help someone overcome these barriers.  

Barriers might include fears about trying something new, privacy or cyber safety, breaking something or becoming vulnerable to online crime

Sometimes, people won’t tell you what they’re scared of but there’s simple things that you can do to address this. Let someone know they don’t have to be afraid to have a go and experiment. They won’t break anything! Most of the time, it’s okay to make mistakes online.

Does the person you’re speaking to know the benefits of improving their digital skills? If not, sell the benefits!

Let the person know that the internet can help them to connect with friends and family, learn for free online, save money, find a new job, stay healthy, and a lot more.

So, congratulations. You have learnt that you can inspire someone as a Mentor and learn something new! It’s time to level up and find out how you can Support someone on an ongoing basis.

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Thank you to Aniela Kaczmarczyk, Head of Learning, Tinder Foundation for the concept of inspire, support and lead.