It’s okay not to know all of the answers, helping someone learn digital skills can be as simple as directing them to learning resources. But, with so much information available both online and offline, knowing where to direct someone can be confusing.

Here are our tips on some great learning resources.

The Go Digi website has over 60 easy to read learning guides on a range of topics. Learn how to choose a device, get started with social media, and much, much more. Visit

The Broadband for Seniors website has a range of online tutorials aimed at senior Australians, aged 50 years and over. The website address is

Another useful website is the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online. This site helps people to understand the risks and simple steps that can be taken to protect personal and financial information online. Visit

Many websites also have Help Centres where you can find information on how to use them. Facebook, Skype and Go Digi all have help centres as do many other websites.

Sometimes you might not find the answer you’re looking for on these websites. Don’t forget that you can always search for the information you’re looking for using Google or another search engine.

Another option is to do a search on YouTube. Thousands of people have created their own tutorials. Whilst the quality of these often home-made videos might not be the best, they can be really informative and cover an enormous range of topics.

As great as it is being able to learn online, sometimes you just can’t beat learning from someone in person. Libraries and neighbourhood houses are just two examples of organisations which often offer face-to-face learning sessions.

On the Go Digi website you can enter your postcode, suburb or town and find learning opportunities near you. The map can be found on the Go Digi homepage. Just scroll down until you see the map and a big search box. There you will enter your location.

Congratulations! You have learnt how you can direct someone as a Mentor to other both online and face-to-face learning resources!

It’s time to level up in our last video to find out how you can lead your community or organisation by talking about the importance of digital skills.

Thank you to Aniela Kaczmarczyk, Head of Learning, Tinder Foundation for the concept of inspire, support and lead.