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Have a look at how the Go Digi platform can help you realise your online potential


There are four main things you can do as a Learner on the Go Digi online platform. You can either scroll through this page or click on one of the list items below to go straight to what you're looking for.


1. General features of the Go Digi online platform

2. Searching For An Event

3. How to read a Face-to-Face Event page

4. How to find a learning guide

5. How to read a learning guide page



1. General features of the Go Digi online platform

a) Different sections of Go Digi - The Go Digi online platform uses colour to help you know where you are;

  • Orange is for Learner areas
  • Yellow is for Mentors areas
  • Teal is for Network Partners areas

The Go Digi Colours

Dark pink/purple and dark purple are also used throughout the site as a way of categorising more general Go Digi pages that are relevant to everyone.


b) The Go Digi Help Bar - This is the Go Digi Help Bar. It is always around to help you out with the following;

  • Going to the Help Centre
  • Printing the page you are viewing
  • Emailing the page you are viewing to someone else
  • Sharing the page you are viewing on the social media of your choice
  • Return to the top of the page you are viewing from wherever you are on the page

The Go Digi Bar


If your device's screen or browser window gets below a certain size, the Go Digi Help Bar will collapse and be available at the top of the page and will look like this;


The Collapsed Go Digi Bar


c) Go Digi buttons - From time to time you'll see buttons that look like this. This means you can click on the button and it will take you to another place on the web. This might be to another page on the Go Digi online platform or it could be to another website altogether.

Examples of Go Digi buttons


d) Different items within a text field - Sometimes you might see;

  • Links - these words that are a darker color with bolded text, which become underlined when you hover the cursor over them
  • Glossary terms - words that are a darker green colour with a dotted underline


Examples of Go Digi in text links and glossary


If you click on either of these items you will be taken to a different web page with more details. 

Searching For An Event

1. Go to the panel on the homepage or learner landing page  and find the panel that looks like this.This is what the search for face-to-face learning event section looks like.



Search for Face-to-Face learning events on Go Digi



2. Type in the postcode you are looking for events in. Some postcodes have many suburbs within them. Select the one you want and click search.



Type in the postcode you looking for events in



3. Your results will display on a map in a new page.


Go Digi search results based on postcode entered in the search



4. Read the results using the map key below. It will look like this.


Go Digi map key



5. Scroll through the results. There will be Network Partners and Face-to-Face learning events listed. In this example we are looking for the Face-to-Face learning events. Click on 'See full details' for more information.


Face-to-face Learning Results



Congratulations, you have searched for a Go Digi face-to-face learning event successfully. 

How to read a Face-to-Face Event page



There are several handy bits of information on Face-to-face Learning Event pages.
Firstly, the title of the face-to-face learning event will be displayed. The logo for the event will also be displayed along with the course overview and topics covered in the event.



Face-to-face Learning Event Page - Section 1



Secondly, the date and time of the Face-to-Face learning event will feature alongside an interactive map telling you the address and how to book for the event.



Face-to-face Learning Event Page - Section 2



Thirdly, there are frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the primary contact for the event. Listed below this will be any other scheduled upcoming events at the Network Partner hosting the face-to-face event listing you are viewing.



Face-to-face Learning Event Page - Section 3



How to find a learning guide

1. Go to the panel on the homepage or learner landing page and find the section that looks like this. This is the search for a learning guide section. There are some featured guides in this section. Below this there is a search bar. 


Find a learning guide section



2. Type in something that you're looking for. For this example, 'home internet' has been typed in to search for a guide. Once you have typed in your search terms, click the search button.



Type in the keywords you are searching for in a guide



3.  The search results will display in a list on a new page. If none of the results are what you are looking for, scroll to the bottom of the page and there will be another search bar so you can try again with a different search term. Once you click on the title of a guide in the search results, you will be taken to the learning guide on a new page.



Find a learning guide search results



How to read a learning guide page

Go Digi learning guides have been designed to be easy to read. The first part of the learning guide is the title, the level of difficulty, the minutes it takes to read and the average rating given by other Go Digi users. Every guide also features what you will need to follow the guide. Most guides just require a device connected to the internet or an email address. However, some guides need more like the example below.  


Learning guide features section 1



The next part of the guide is the introduction and main body of the learning guide. If there are many sections in the body of the guide there will be arrows you can click on to collapse and contract content within the guide. 



Learning guide features section 2



Go Digi learning guides sometimes feature handy tips too. They will look like this;



Learning guide helpful tip



The bottom section of guide features a summary, popular websites relevant to the topic, the topics which the guide has been tagged with (tagging is another way to categorise content), and if there are any related guides they will be at the bottom of the guide.



Learning guide features section 3



Every guide also has an opportunity for users of the Go Digi online platform to give us feedback and rate the guide on its usefulness. All feedback is anonymous and helps us to improve the Go Digi online platform.



Rate the learning guide with a comment and a star rating out of 5



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