How to search for learning guides


Searching for a learning guide

1. Go to the panel on the homepage or learner landing page and find the section that looks like this. This is the search for a learning guide section. There are some featured guides in this section. Below this there is a search bar.  It will look like image a) or b)

Image a)

Find a learning guide section


Image b)

Search for learning guides on the Go Digi Landing Page

2. Type in something that you're looking for. For this example, 'home internet' has been typed in as search term in to the search bar. Once you have typed in your search terms, click the search button.



Type in the keywords you are searching for in a guide



3.  The search results will display in a list on a new page. If none of the results are what you are looking for, scroll to the bottom of the page and there will be another search bar so you can try again with a different search term. Once you click on the title of a guide in the search results, you will be taken to the learning guide on a new page.



Find a learning guide search results


Navigating the Learning Guide Area

Each guide featured in the learning guide area has 5 bits of information to help you choose which guide you would like to read more about.

An example of a Learning Guide summary

  1. Guide Title
  2. Aim of the guide
  3. Level of the guide
  4. Minutes it takes to read 
  5. Rating users of Go Digi give the guide