How to search for a face-to-face learning event

1. Go to the panel on the homepage (see image a) or learner landing page (see image b) that looks like this.

Image a)

Search for Face-to-Face learning events on Go Digi

Image b)

Go Digi Map Search


2. To search for a face-to-face learning event you can either;

a) Type in the postcode you are looking for events in. Some postcodes have many suburbs within them. Select the one you want and click search.




Type in the postcode you looking for events in


b) Select a state on the Go Digi map of Australia. This will take you to a new page where you'll be able to see the Network Partners and the face-to-face learning events on the map. 

3. Either way you search for face-to-face learning events, your results will display on a map in a new page.


Go Digi search results based on postcode entered in the search



4. You can read the map using the map key below. It will look like this.


Go Digi map key



5. If you have entered a postcode, you will be able to scroll through the search results. There will be Network Partners and Face-to-Face learning events listed. 


Face-to-face Learning Results


6. In this example we are looking for the Face-to-Face learning events. Click on 'See full details' for more information on the face-to-face learning event that you have selected. 


Congratulations, you have searched for a Go Digi face-to-face learning event successfully.