How to read a learning guide page

Go Digi learning guides have been designed to be easy to read.


The first part of the learning guide is the title, the level of difficulty, the minutes it takes to read and the average rating given by other Go Digi users.


Every guide also features what you will need to follow the guide. Just  like a recipe! Most guides just require a device connected to the internet or an email address. However, some guides need more like the example below.  


Learning guide features section 1



The next part of the guide is the introduction and main body of the learning guide. If there are many sections in the body of the guide there will be arrows you can click on to collapse and contract content within the guide. 



Learning guide features section 2



Go Digi learning guides sometimes feature handy tips too. They will look like this;



Learning guide helpful tip



The bottom section of guide features a summary, popular websites relevant to the topic, the topics which the guide has been tagged with (tagging is another way to categorise content), and if there are any related guides they will be at the bottom of the guide.



Learning guide features section 3



Every guide also has an opportunity for users of the Go Digi online platform to give us feedback and rate the guide on its usefulness. All feedback is anonymous and helps us to improve the Go Digi online platform.



Rate the learning guide with a comment and a star rating out of 5