How to add a face-to-face learning event


There are several bits of handy information you need to add to each Face-to-face Learning Event you add to the Go Digi online platform.


  1. Title of the face-to-face learning event needs to be entered - make sure this isn't too long, there's lot more places to put information about the event down the page.
  2. A logo for each event also needs to be added. This can be your organisation's logo or the logo of your project. 
  3. A short course overview  should be added and the general expected skills or information passed on in the face-to-face learning event.

See below for an example


Face-to-face Learning Event Page - Section 1


4. Next add the date and time of the Face-to-Face learning event

5. Add the address. Keep in mind that this might be different to your organisation's main addresss.

6. Then add contact details on how to book in to the event. You can add;

  • a phone number
  • a contact email address (this might not be yours depending on who is running the event)
  • a website that might features an online booking form.
  • you might want to add all three, depending on your organisation.

These bits of information will feature alongside an interactive map, displaying the address and how to book for the event.

See image below for an example:

Face-to-face Learning Event Page - Section 2


7. Next are the frequently asked questions (FAQs). This is a great place to mention costs, and any equipment necessary to participate in the learning event. You can also add answers about expectation of skills and words of encouragement to potential attendees of your event.

8. The last thing to add are the primary contact details for the event. 


See below for some examples:


Face-to-face Learning Event Page - Section 3


Make sure you press save at the end! 

Congratulations you have just added an event.

If you have any questions about adding an event to the platform that have been answered here, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]