General features of the Go Digi online platform explained

a) Different sections of Go Digi - The Go Digi online platform uses colour to help you know where you are;

  • Orange is for Learner areas
  • Yellow is for Mentors areas
  • Teal is for Network Partners areas

The Go Digi Colours

Dark pink/purple and dark purple are also used throughout the site as a way of categorising more general Go Digi pages that are relevant to everyone.


b) The Go Digi Help Bar - This is the Go Digi Help Bar. It is always around to help you out with the following;

  • Going to the Help Centre
  • Printing the page you are viewing
  • Emailing the page you are viewing to someone else
  • Sharing the page you are viewing on the social media of your choice
  • Return to the top of the page you are viewing from wherever you are on the page

The Go Digi Bar


If your device's screen or browser window gets below a certain size, the Go Digi Help Bar will collapse and be available at the top of the page and will look like this;


The Collapsed Go Digi Bar


c) Go Digi buttons - From time to time you'll see buttons that look like this. This means you can click on the button and it will take you to another place on the web. This might be to another page on the Go Digi online platform or it could be to another website altogether.

Examples of Go Digi buttons


d) Different items within a text field - Sometimes you might see;

  • Links - these words that are a darker color with bolded text, which become underlined when you hover the cursor over them
  • Glossary terms - words that are a darker green colour with a dotted underline


Examples of Go Digi in text links and glossary


If you click on either of these items you will be taken to a different web page with more details.