What types of internet connections are available?

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Online Payment Method

Online Payment Method

access to an online payment method.

Email address

Email address

an email address

Home Phone Line

Home Phone Line

a home phone line

Internet connection

Internet Connection

a device connected to the internet

What type of home internet connections are available?

There are two popular ways of getting the internet in your home.


  • The first uses a home phone line or cable to connect the internet into your home

  • The second is called mobile internet and can be accessed via


Please note: If you are living in a remote or rural region you may not be able to access these ways of connecting. In these cases you will need to connect to the internet via satellite. Contact your ISP or telecommunications provider for more information and get your home connected. 

Mobile internet access relies on mobile phone networks. This means that you can access the internet anywhere, not just in your home, with a mobile phone signal. Be careful though, as it can be 4-10 times more expensive than accessing internet via cable or phone line. Bear in mind that your coverage and speed of downloading web content is based on your mobile phone coverage.

Internet using a cable or landline is much more affordable as it uses fixed lines.

For this reason, this guide will describe and explain how to connect to the internet via a landline or cable.

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