My Guide - Part 2: Banking and shopping safely online

What do I need to follow this guide?

Keep financial details from prying eyes

Banking online is an easy and convenient activity. However, criminals are eager to steal your online banking details so they can drain your accounts.

They use a variety of scams to do this, including using malicious code to exploit vulnerabilities in outdated or unpatched software to capture information.

Shopping online is another process that you need to be smart about. Be wary of websites that you have not visited before or that look suspicious or unprofessional. Scammers may have set them up to capture payments, harvest your personal information or deliver a virus or other malicious software to your computer.

Helpful tip

Access your bank's website by typing the address directly into your browser and always log out of the internet banking menu and close your browser when you have completed a session.

This guide was created as part of a three part series with Stay Smart Online. Please visit for more information on online security and privacy.

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