My Guide - Part 1: Safely using the internet

What do I need to follow this guide?

Be wary of what you share

Many of the things we do online—banking, shopping, chatting with family and friends, or even making new friends—involve us giving out personal and financial information.

Ensure you protect your personal information and privacy. For example, if you use social media, read and understand any terms and conditions—particularly those relating to your personal information—and be aware of what you share.

Remember photos or information can be hard to remove once posted. Be careful about sharing information that could compromise your security, such as date of birth, address or information about your children’s schools.

Nowadays organisations will sometimes search online for information about people they are about to hire. These searches can bring up results from personal information you have put on your social media account, sometimes even information you thought was private.

For more information on using social media please see:


Helpful tip

Stop and think before you provide any photos or financial or personal information about yourself, your friends or your family.

This guide was created as part of a three part series with Stay Smart Online. 

Please visit for more information on online security and privacy.

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