How to use Dropbox (Part 1)

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Getting started with Dropbox

Dropbox is an online service that gives you an easy way of sharing files with others and storing files safely for yourself as a backup or to access them from different locations.

The three main ways it lets you do this are:

  • The Dropbox folder – When you install Dropbox onto your computer or device it will create a folder on your computer called ‘Dropbox.’ The files placed in this folder will automatically be uploaded to Dropbox and made available to you where and whenever you log into your Dropbox account.
  • Share files – You can send individual files up to 2GB in size through Dropbox. Most email accounts only allow you to send or receive file attachments of around 10-20MB so this can be a handy way to share larger files with other people.
  • Shared folders - Rather than having to manually send through files every time you have another file to share with another person, you can set up a Dropbox folder on your computer, and any files that you save into that folder they will also have access to. 

If you share a file or folder you can also choose if the people you are sharing it with have access to edit the file or just view it.  Allowing people to edit files can be very helpful when working on a project with multiple people as it allows you to be sure everyone is always working on the latest version of all the documents.

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