How do I get a mobile app? Part 2

What do I need to follow this guide?

Online Payment Method

Online Payment Method

access to an online payment method.

Email address

Email address

an email address

Internet connection

Internet Connection

a device connected to the internet

Types of apps you can download on your device

To start selecting and downloading an app, you will need to be signed up for an app store account. This will let you browse the app store of your choice. If you haven't set up an account yet, read part 1 of this guide to get started. 

Apps are usually grouped into different areas of interest or how they help you.   

For example some of the categories used by the Apple App Store to group apps include;   

  • Education   

  • Games   

  • Food and Drink   

  • Business   

  • Finance   

  • Health and Fitness   

  • Photo and Video   

  • Travel    

  • Weather   


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