How do I get a mobile app? Part 1

What do I need to follow this guide?

Online Payment Method

Online Payment Method

access to an online payment method.

Email address

Email address

an email address

Funds to Purchase

Funds to Purchase

available funds to purchase items

Internet connection

Internet Connection

a device connected to the internet

Work out which store you can get apps from

You will need to sign up for an account to buy apps for your device.

What account and how you can buy and download an app depends on what type of operating system your device is using.

If you have an Apple device like the iPhone or iPad, it will use Mac OSX. All Apple devices use the Apple App Store.

If you have any other type of device it will most likely use Android as an operating system. Smart phones and tablets that use the Android operating system are often called Android phones and Android tablets. The biggest Android store for apps is Google Play Store.

Check out Alternative Android App Stores if you want to find out about other places on the web to get android apps.

Whatever type of device you have, apps must be bought and purchased through a store that links in with the operating system.




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