Howdy partner

So you want to become a Digi House Partner!  We’d love to have you on board and you’re on the right track.

What is a Digi House partner?

Digi House is a program designed to increase digital skills and literacy of social housing residents. Through a series of coordinated pop ups and workshops we’re helping residents ‘get comfy with technology’.

A Digi House partner is a group or organisation that is currently working with social housing residents. In a bid to increase digital literacy, skill development and social mobility, our partners are committed to facilitating digital learning for their residents.

The Digi House program has aligned with a number of services in NSW and Victoria. From housing associations and community housing organisations, to ancillary support services that provide support to those living in social housing dwellings, Digi House is partnering with people who are looking to make a difference.

All Digi House partners have access to the resources available through the Digi House program. These include skills based workshops for social housing staff, support in the design and implementation of pop-up events for residents, seed funding opportunities, free basic learning guides for staff and residents, and the chance to connect to similar organisations.

Digi House partner registration

It's easy. To be eligible you will need to be committed to host a face-to-face learning event or pop up in your area. To keep your status as a Network Partner, make sure you register your details on this online registration form.


Digi House in my local area

Digi House pop ups and events are currently being rolled out across Victoria and New South Wales. Have a look at what’s happening in your area via the Go Digi interactive map below, and start helping your residents ‘get comfy with technology’.

Locations via Go Digi