This guide will show you how to create and use a Google Drive account for file storage and file sharing.

What do I need to follow this guide?


A mobile or tablet device connected to the internet.
A Gmail account.

What is ‘The Cloud’ and how do i use it?

The cloud is a virtual storage space where you can upload files for storage, easy access and online sharing. Unlike traditional storage options such as a computer, portable hard drive, usb stick or in the old days, a floppy disk, the Cloud is an invisible space in the air where your data can be saved, hence the name ‘The Cloud’.

Using Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15gb of free storage space to anyone with a Google email account. There are several benefits of using Google Drive, including:

  • Cloud Storage: It’s always recommended to backup your documents. This means that if your device ever fails you have saved your important files, photos, music to another source.
  • Access Anywhere: The cloud allows you to access your files from any device using your login information. This is great for showing off holiday photos or videos as well as keeping documents on hand if they’re ever needed.
  • File Sharing: Sending documents or attachments via email is a great way to share files, however, often there are file size limits. File sharing applications like Google Drive allow you to share large files by sending a ‘file link’ to anyone with an email address. You can even choose whether they can comment on the file, can share and edit the file or simply view the file.

Accessing your Google Drive Account

  1. Go to
  2.  Enter your Gmail address and password and click ‘next’ (if you don’t have a Gmail account you can create a free one at You will now be directed to ‘my drive’ your personal Google Drive storage space.
  3. To upload a file or a folder to your account click on the blue ‘New’ button on the left hand side of the screen.
  4. Select which type of file you would like to upload; a ‘folder’ or a single ‘file’
  5. Once your files are uploaded you can access them here from any internet connected device simply by loggin in to

Sharing Files via Google Drive

  1. To share a file right click on it and select ‘Share.’ This will open up a dialogue box.
  2. In the ‘link sharing’ option you will see a drop down box ‘Anyone with the link can view’, you can click on one of three sharing options ‘can edit’, ‘can comment’ and ‘can view’. Each option gives the person you are sharing the ‘file link’ with diferent permissions (see File Sharing on previous page).
  3. Similarly, underneath in the ‘people’ section, you can give ‘can view’, ‘can comment’ or ‘can edit’ access by entering the email address of the person/people you wish to share your files with.

Other things to think about

There’s more than one way of accessing your Google Drive account. Google Drive have developed apps for Apple and Android, which you can download directly onto you compatible device. This makes accessing your files quick and easy.

Handy Tip:

Google will provide you with 15Gb of free storage space. If you do not wish to pay for more storage space you can always delete files you no longer need or have stored elsewhere. This will free up space so that you can upload new files.


The cloud is a great way of accessing and storing data as well as sharing files for work or school projects. And with free options it’s certainly affordable for everyone.