This guide will explain to you what apps are and how they can benefit you in your everyday life.

What do I need to follow this guide?


What is an app?

Apps are computer programs that can run on your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. They can also run on other devices, including desktop computers and laptops with a web browser. The word app is the shortened version of the word application. Apps can do things like play music, check your email, set an alarm, take and edit photos and check what time the bus or train is coming.

What types of apps are there?

There are two types of app that people may be talking about when they use the word app. These are mobile apps and online apps. Mobile Apps run on devices like smartphones and tablets. They often replicate functions that desktop computers have. Online apps can run on both phones and desktop or laptop computers. Each app has an icon on the screen of the device that you select to open the app. Depending on what the app does, it may need an internet connection.

Common mobile apps include:

• Email managers – check and send emails from your email account • Web browsers – browse the internet on your phone
• Games – play a range of games available
• Books – read your favourite books on your device

• Maps and GPS - nd your way to new places
• Microphone – record anything you hear or want to remember later • Sports – check scores and watch your favourite teams

Why should I care about apps?

Mobile apps are cheap or free

Most mobile apps are quite affordable. Once you have signed up for your selected mobile app store, you can download a lot of different apps for free. If you have to pay for an app on your selected mobile app store, you’ll usually pay about $2 to $5 for it.

Mobile apps are small in size

Mobile apps are small in size, so won’t use too much of your mobile phone data when you download them to your phone. You can also connect to a wireless network and download them without affecting your mobile phone data usage rate. Additionally because of their small size, they don’t take up too much room on your device’s hard drive.

Mobile apps make your life easier

Mobile apps can help you, inform or entertain you anywhere you have your phone on. Mobile apps allow smart phones to do much more than send and receive phone calls and text messages. They can perform all sorts of tasks on the move. For example they can give you turn-by-turn directions if you’re going somewhere new!


Mobile apps:
• Are convenient
• May help you to save money
• Help you to be more ef cient
• Can work out your way on the move or from a new location

• Can entertain you anywhere.

New apps are released every day, giving you an opportunity to increase the usefulness of your device. Apps also allow you to choose how you would like to do on your device, allowing you to have a range of handy tools and entertainment wherever you go.