Posted on 27 Apr 2017

After a bit over five weeks on the road- where the Digi House team travelled thousands of kilometres (approximately 8,020 kms by plane; 19 hours by train; 638 kms by taxi and… a whopping 1,880 kms by car with FACS staff), the “Housing Connect Program” roadshow has come to an end.

Over 21 days, the roadshow delivered 36 sessions across 17 districts spanning metropolitan and regional NSW with a focus on equipping social housing staff with the tools and confidence to empower their clients (residents) to get “comfy with technology” and understand the benefits of being connected in a digital world. Our sessions directly reached 477 frontline staff (Client Service Officers) with a reach in excess of 130,000 social and public housing residents in NSW.

During the roadshow, we learned that #Mondayitis is real! The roadshow has also acquainted the Digi House team with a man with the #dongletouch, another with #sexyfingers, one with the #magictouch and… a #karaokequeen (or two)!

It is official, FACS staff could definitely write a book about all their adventures; be sure to look out for “Housos on parade” especially if you weren’t sure if CSOs had actually been chased by pigs [in Goulburn]:  or that a CSO was chased by a 3-legged dog [in Queanbeyan]

We had some adventures of our own starting with a visit to the cutest town ever, through to days that started with laps around the Bathurst track, to presenters delivering training in board shorts [in Tamworth] and an important lesson to be learned: don’t duck into bathrooms on small planes just before take off!

We were excited to have given away more than 80 Digi House “prize packs,” – you know what they say: winners are grinners! We collected over 60 #digiconfessions along the way! Towards the end of the roadshow, we got so good at recruiting for the Digi House blog #selfies, we counted that over 100 frontline staff have featured in one of our #selfies! Think of all the calories burned with that squat or two! Thanks a million for your support and… willing persuasion for the blog #selfies! And finally we are extremely excited to share mission accomplished: Getting Diana and Andrew of the FACS team in a #selfie! Yay! Thanks for being such great sports!

Google Analytics revealed that our Digi House blog has been viewed a total 1,387 times with 936 unique page views! The most viewed blog was from Day 1 – with 66 views! Read it here.

The Digi House team were blown away by the passion displayed by all frontline staff we engaged with during the roadshow and frankly, everyone who was involved with making the roadshow what it is. Gold stars all around! The post-roadshow session survey with a 26% response rate saw most locations felt strongly about their clients adopting mobile apps, 69% confidence in frontline staff in showing their clients how to use mobile devices to access FACS Housing Services and very high (84%) confidence in staff being able to use mobile devices to do their work.

As the “Housing Connect Program” roadshow has come to an end, the Digi House team wants to thank everyone who made the journey, near and far, to make this roadshow such a great success! And even more importantly, we want to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the Housing Connect Program team for inviting us on the roadshow to promote the work we do. We are very much looking forward to exploring further collaborative opportunities with FACS(NSW).


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