Posted on 9 Apr 2017

Still can’t believe this was our final session on the “Housing Connect Program” roadshow but we at Digi House are already looking forward to further collaborations with FACS(NSW)! So cool to meet a “real life” Peter in this last session, especially because the usual “Peter” (the coined name of a poster mapping out a typical journey of a FACS client who has traveled all over with us on roadshow) had a propensity to fall off the wall. Perhaps with another Peter in the room, he decided to behave himself and stay stuck on the wall! Or maybe it was as Krystelle had described, because we’ve moved to the “dark side” using Android devices… We love that besides presenting to frontline staff across the districts, FACS prioritised delivering sessions to the Housing Contact Centre with an aim to bring all of their Client Service Officers (CSOs) up to speed with the new technologies being procured and bought by the Housing Connect Program. Lance described it perfectly, in much the same way that we (you and I) can choose to buy our movie tickets or car insurance online or over the phone, the "MyHousing Online" service portal is about providing “CHOICE” for their clients and their advocates on how they communicate with FACS and manage their own account information. In essence, the CSBI team is committed to revolutionising the way that FACS interacts with their housing tenants and applicants, and most excitingly, they are currently in the build for the (customer) app. Though many frontline staff had heard of our Ask Izzy mobile website, they identified having no credit, or poor [network] coverage as potential barriers for digital uptake in their clients, let alone those who are homeless. We’re not sure if there was something in the water… but after the morning session, we learned from Justine about another colleague’s embarrassing Google image look-up while putting together a poster about suitable dress code for women at the office. While looking up pictures of 'thongs' to include as inappropriate footwear, she was instead met with a screen full of images that could only be giggled off and disappeared by a quick minimisation of the window… #oopsidaisies! And the last #digiconfession for the “Housing Connect Program” roadshow was one about… Apple porn.. The particular frontline staff member who shall not be named had downloaded “Downtown Abbey” illegally for viewing, but it seemed she had somehow also downloaded a virus, not any virus, but... a porn virus! Knowing that her son worked at a school using Apple devices, she had asked her son to take her Apple (laptop) into IT; but as soon as he found out what needed fixing, he was absolutely against bringing it into school. Embarrassingly for her, she had to bring the laptop virus and all for IT to troubleshoot at the Department of Education… #oboy!