Posted on 9 Apr 2017

Our party [paper] packs were received with great enthusiasm by all frontline staff present. These packs comprised of a “Digi House” brochure, a Go Digi mentor postcard and printed Digi House learning guides on various topics spanning “How to create an email address” through to “Introduction to apps” to “Link your email to your Apple or Android device.” This session was rather special as it was our penultimate session for the “Housing Connect Program” roadshow but also because we were presenting to the staff powering the numbers of online registrations in a room covered with all the Wire Frames for the “MyHousing Online” Account and Information portal. This session really helped me to understand the difference in the work of Client Service Officers at the district level from those working at the Housing Contact Centre in Liverpool. It also helped me understand how cumbersome a process it is to create a Property Condition Report (PCR). This group have really benefited from the things that went live last month including the new Customer Profile screen and the Housing Application phone. Frontline staff were excited about Housing Connect Program's plans to digitise all forms. They were already aware of the power of SMS campaigns, especially for arrears. Actually 2,500 clients have registered on the MyHousing Online portal as a result of a recent SMS campaign. It was really fantastic to hear that over 1,500 feedbacks have been submitted by FACS’ tenants and applicants, and that the CSBI team are taking these on board for future enhancements. Owing to feedback received from clients, the team is currently investigating how to create a mailbox on the portal to capture all of their communications. And.. the #digiconfession of this session will make you think twice about suggesting someone just “Google” it, especially if that person is your son that is wanting a picture (well.. chart) of little and big black and white penguins for a school project and the Google search reveals something way too much for innocent eyes. #oops!