Posted on 5 Apr 2017

The end of the roadshow is in sight and you really get a sense of how big New South Wales is when you consider that some of the people we met during the week prior are now fighting floods across northern NSW and we have just arrived in Albury – which is way closer to our home base in Melbourne. Our thoughts go out to the teams in Lismore and surrounds at such a difficult time. In this session, we had a great discussion about the need for clients to move online and how some doubts still remain as to how successful the social housing clients will adapt – even though the numbers registering for “MyHousing Online’s” Account and Information portal are more than impressive. There were some great questions about the ‘disadvantages’ about the field device – although the general concept of the filed device is positive, as well as further exploration about online safety/security for older clients. The team loved the idea of free Wi-Fi for clients even in Tumut office which apparently has just enough room to “Swing a Cat” – poor cat!! As for the #digiconfession – Luke’s reply all instead of forwarding an email of a topic not disclosed was funny – and seemingly an all too common occurrence. Also Debbie shared that replacing the ticket machine at the front counter will always take Sarah and her an hour despite having the instructions. What a #digifail! The funniest part was potentially getting locked in the conference (meeting) room after the session. At least Lance, Sim and I were comforted knowing we had many learning guides to read during the evening. Thank gosh for the directory by Luke’s phone otherwise we may have been stuck! And thank gosh for Alice who came to our rescue. Undoubtedly the thought did cross her mind to use rescue as a ‘way’ to secure Albury as the first office to have field devices introduced to their office.