Posted on 2 Apr 2017

The afternoon session was lit with a different type of lighting… no dim lights here, instead lights and cameras. Yes, this session was filmed for those FACS staff who might’ve missed out on our roadshow presentations. It was great to see the performer in Sim ready to direct! With such a “rowdy” crowd in the morning, and having bumped into some CSOs in the kitchen at lunch, I was sure we would have another loud session – perhaps the cameras shied people away a bit.. but… #thankgoshforMichelle! In this session, it was so clear that FACS is determined to only build “fit for purpose” solutions for frontline staff and their clients. The “MyHousing Online” service portal was co-designed by staff, and tenants and applicants of youth, elderly, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. More than 55% of registrations for “MyHousing Online” are coming in on a mobile phone device. Since 31 October 2016 (the day it went live), online forms have taken over over-the-phone (via the contact centre) and paper forms. It is important to note that although many frontline staff have identified “age” as a potential barrier for digital uptake in their clients (social housing residents) – 55% of “MyHousing” online registrants are 45+ years and 35% are over 55 years of age. Finally, I loved Michelle’s #digiconfession – well actually it was Carmel’s… which revealed that while doing a CSV together, Michelle had asked Carmel to zoom in with the device, but instead of simply using the “zoom” function, she walked in closer and closer. I giggled because it only reminded me of my off-road safari tour bus experience at Werribee Open Range Zoo where when asked by the guide if anyone wanted to get off (near the bisons), I shot up my hand thinking that getting off the bus would give me better close up photos… #epiczoomfail! I would’ve been eaten alive.. #oops! It was great to have Michelle ‘model’ the prize pack on camera for sharing her winning #digiconfession. Of course Carmel got one too! #thankgoshforMichelle!