Posted on 2 Apr 2017

Yay! Today we visited the home office of the Illowara star, Sim – that is, the Coniston office more commonly known as “Cono.” Can’t believe this morning session was the second last of the fourth week of the “Housing Connect Program” roadshow. Gosh the time has flown! Having visited FACS’ other concept office (Strawberry Hills), I was very excited about finally making it to the “prime” location with self-service PCs, wifi and charging ports, and my tour of this office with Sim! You could tell this group was a lively or… “rowdy” bunch as the session started off in giggles – after Lance asked that all frontline staff have their smartphones with them for the session, one CSO was heard saying “the phone might be smart but maybe not the user.” The Cono staff were so excited about the new Customer Profile Region (screen) that went live last Monday – they also shared some great feedback about it too. Despite a little hiccup with the polls in the beginning, we were very impressed with the live poll results – all frontline staff had 100% confidence that their clients (social housing residents) would go online, of course, acknowledging the other “elephant” in the room – that there are some clients that would never use the new technologies, and the staff were 100% confident that they would be able to use a mobile device in their work (with training, of course!). Kiera rightfully shared “someone got a message” when another CSO had mistakenly punched in the incorrect telephone number to register for the live poll, not once.. but twice! The Client Service Officers loved navigating the Ask Izzy mobile website, but my favourite part was when Karen sung (and even busted some moves) when she saw the “Let’s talk about… TECH baby” line appear on the screen! Yay! #Gold! We’ve found our #karaokequeen! And the #digiconfessions collected in this group included Allie’s really old social media notification about a friend’s (on the hush hush) pregnancy news who she acknowledged already had a little one – it seemed that Allie wasn’t the only one who had responded. Her friend received numerous calls and messages congratulating her on the news, but it turns out that the notification was an old one and not actually relevant. #oops! We also loved Sharen’s #digiconfession – she shared that her 80-year-old father had a Facebook account, and when he liked a photo or post, he would comment “LIKE LIKE” (one for him and one for his wife). So adorable! It was also during this session, we found the man with a #magictouch – the “Housing Connect” session was in total darkness, and the Digi House one would’ve been the same had Lance not figured out how to dim the lights. So yes, if you’ve been counting, the roadshow has acquainted us with a man with the #dongletouch, another with #sexyfingers and the last with the #magictouch. Who knows who else we might meet in the final sessions!