Posted on 1 Apr 2017

So it’s true… if anyone ever doubted it, the Queanbeyan staff had heard of Goulburn staff being chased by pigs while doing field CSVs. Some even chimed in to share that “if it’s not a pig, then it’s a goat, or the farmers outback.” Poor Nadine also shared that she had once been chased a 3-legged dog, yes… a 3-legged dog! To back it away from the property, she had to use a 4-legged chair as her colleague had dashed to the car without her. We had so much fun with this small but very lively bunch. No more chocolate pick-me ups necessary! Just giggles! I completely agree with Sim – FACS staff could definitely write a book with all their adventures; it’d most likely be entitled “Housos on parade.” I personally think we have enough material and fun stories to write one about the FACS’ “Housing Connect Program” roadshow! FACS recognises that the “MyHousing Online” service portal is not radically innovative. In fact, it’s one way to catch up with the rest of the (digital) world that we live in and give their clients “choice” – much the same as we have choice in the way we buy movie tickets online, or make appointments with our hairdressers. It was great to hear that the Customer Profile Region (screen) which went live last Monday has proven useful on counter and over the phone by staff in this group. When we shared that Goulburn was keen to have a drone CSV to ensure safe zones from pigs – this group went one step further to ask that field devices feature heat maps for feral animals including pigs! The group loved learning about and then navigating through the Ask Izzy mobile website. Useful resources like this one and our Go Digi/Digi House learning guides were so well received by frontline staff. I’m glad to have acquired a couple of #digiconfessions in this session - Lee kicked off by sharing that she had bought a $5,500 sewing machine which was meant to speak to a computer, and vice versa. After going to computer shops galore, she was still in search of a special adapter. She ended up having to order it online because it was such a unique adapter – what a hassle! All of the room seemed puzzled. She happily shared that she recently bought a new sewing machine, and this particular one is capable of speaking to her computer. And vice versa. #Winning! My favourite #digiconfession of the day belonged to Nadine who uploaded all of her daughter’s birthday photos onto “Buy, Swap and Sell” without realising. When asked if anyone had put a bid, she responded by saying that the [Facebook] post had received comments, but she did receive a telephone call quick smart from her daughter… “Mummmmm…. !!”