Posted on 1 Apr 2017

Sim’s TomTom (GPS) decided it had a life of its own today… so we definitely took the scenic route to Queanbeyan from Canberra. Doh! Sim knew the quicker way! Maybe a tad selfish, but I was very excited to see Parliament House in the flesh for the first time ever at the big roundabout (with my camera phone’s zoom, of course)! For Housing Connect, this year is the big delivery year! What was reiterated in this session is CSBI’s commitment to the true modernisation the service system. Although there is a multitude of devices on the market (iOS, Android), it is worth nothing that more than 55% of those who have completed their registration on the “MyHousing Online” service portal are using their mobile phone. So what does this tell FACS? That most of their clients (social housing residents) have a phone, and of course, the relevance, importance and appropriateness of Housing Connect’s new customer mobile solution (app) to come! The reception for “MyHousing Online” has been so positive. It’s been really exciting to see the number of online registrations increasing each week during the roadshow. The rental statement has been downloaded more than 3,000 times by tenants - this only shows that investing the time into designing and delivering a product “fit for purpose” was worth well it. Housing Connect engaged applicants, tenants and frontline staff with the co-design of the online portal and rental statement – it is no wonder so many people are hopping online to use it. This session ran overtime but there was some great discussion about the need to consider staff morale especially with time savings for CSVs being reinvested with the introduction of the new business mobile solution. The field device was described as Christmas coming early! A frontline staff member pointed out that with the introduction of these field devices, yes CSOs might be able to conduct more CSOs but the interruptions throughout the day will continue making it potentially difficult for them to focus on breaking disadvantage. The live poll with this group revealed that all frontline staff were confident that their clients would adopt mobile; Kim shared that she believed that Facebook has helped many people (including their clients) get online despite not having a Facebook account herself. Although we didn’t have the chance to collect #digiconfessions because we had to speed through the introduction to Digi House and the resources we have available in the little time we had left, I sure was impressed by my ability to present all I did with Sim driving the presentation, and it was really fantastic to see the enthusiasm in the group for our learning guides.