Posted on 29 Mar 2017

No peaches in sight, instead the oarsome foursome have plans for drone CSVs from the office to ensure safe zones from pigs! Having grown up with the oarsome foursome’s catchy “Goulburn Valley Gold” advertisement, I imagined spotting a giant peach or two like from “James and the Giant Peach.” Sadly, there were none to be spotted (or tasted).. instead I learned that you can be chased by pigs (which actually happened) in this region and, we did see the Big Merino [sheep] on our way to Queanbeyan! The Goulburn session was attended by its own awesome foursome, including one participant with “sexy fingers”! I can’t help but giggle because this roadshow has acquainted me with someone with the #dongletouch and another with #sexyfingers! For such an intimate group size, they sure were a lively and fun bunch! So many giggles in the room broke out when Sim presented Housing Connect Program’s vision statement and described how it was different from the other typically tokenistic and “silly” (well… another more colourful word was used) ones. It was great to hear how the frontline staff at this district office have been promoting MyHousing Account and Information more and more, and to see the enthusiasm for the roll out of field devices for tenancy staff, and the confidence that all of their clients (social housing residents) would get online. Sim’s A4 ‘cheatsheet’ with screenshots to guide frontline staff in their conversations with clients to help empower them to manage their own information (online) and provide choice was very well received although Allen has already requested a version in A3! #digiconfessions in this group were in abundance! Much like Pringles’ original slogan, “once you pop you can’t stop,” this group was booming with #digiconfessions galore after I shared my first tech hiccup on the roadshow on day #1 with our Telstra hotspot #whoopsidaisies! Yes… “let’s talk about… TECH baby!” was received with bursts of laughter and one blushed face! We loved the #digiconfessions in this session which revealed one frontline staff member had accidentally picked up a phone call with video turned on after showering, to another whose child had video called her boss in the wee hours (thank gosh he didn’t answer) to… an update about a recent struggle with a program that sounded as though she was sharing way too much about her private life. Trust me… this was one very… intimate group!