Posted on 28 Mar 2017

We finished the week with a pleasant Friday afternoon in the global centre for country music - Tamworth. Well... it was pleasant for some of us. #AnalogConfession: A certain leader from FACS (No Names) decided to take a casual stroll down to the office in central Tamworth just as the biggest storm ever to hit Tamworth arrived! Thank gosh he at least had a dry pair of board shorts and a t-shirt on so he could deliver today's presentation in while his suit, boots and trousers sat in front of a heater drying on a 29 degree day. As for #digiconfession, I think I need to “fess up” as a terrible camera operator #worst #most #shaky selfie ever, although you can almost make out who is wearing board shorts! Despite some hiccups such as unseasonal downpours, we still had a fabulous and engaged discussion with the staff. We received lots of positive feedback about for the changes to come with FACS' "MyHousing Online" service portal. Also the uptake of use by clients has some amazing numbers – more than 10,821 clients have registered to use the online portal since October 2016. FACS are also using multiple channels to make their services accessible for both frontline staff (Client Service Officers) and their clients (social housing residents), including 7 YouTube videos.