Posted on 7 Mar 2017
Selfie fun at Campbelltown

We’re really excited to share that day 1 of the roadshow was not only fun, but a great success! Digi House team was really excited to learn more about the FACS’ “Housing Connect Program” and realise that our programs really are a perfect match! It was really great to see that frontline staff are adapting to the changing world around them, that is, digital. Embarrassingly, there were a few technological hiccups in the morning, the first session of the day actually started with a computer that simply didn’t want to log in, to devices that didn’t want to connect to the hotspot.. only to learn that maybe we’d run out of credit on the hotspot! Oops! All of our #digiconfessions aside, this icebreaker was most enjoyable. We thoroughly enjoyed the generous sharing of some great #digiconfessions and seeing firsthand how well received our learning guides were too! They seriously went like hotcakes!