Supported by our good friends at Google, Digi House aims to build the digital skills and confidence of 20 000 people living in public and social housing.

Four million Australians are not online and are missing out on the opportunities that the internet provides. Many of this group live in social housing, including people from single-parent or low-income households, non-English speakers, over 65s and people who are Indigenous or have disabilities.

There is a strong link between having access to the internet and better social and health outcomes for communities.

As many government services like Medicare and Centrelink move online, having access and the skills to use the internet will be crucial for people in social housing.

About the program

We are working closely with community and government organisations to increase the digital skills of residents.

Research indicates that the best way to increase digital literacy is to build people’s general confidence through fun activities and to imbed digital elements into existing popular programs.

For example, introducing a plant identification app into a community gardening group.

For this reason we offer:

  • Workshops for staff on how to create interesting digital programs and events.
  • Pop Up events for residents to show that learning online is fun and relevant.
  • An online map of local classes and programs at libraries and community houses.
  • Free digital learning guides and resources.

Digi House makes being online fun and accessible for residents.

Where is Digi House available?

Digi House is being rolled out in New South Wales and Victoria, with the aim of expanding into Queensland and other states.

It will be rolled out in regional and metropolitan areas.

Become a partner

If you are interested in the program we would love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more or sign up as a partner. Click the link below!

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Sam Headberry
Digi House Coordinator
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