A special announcement for Go Digi

David Spriggs, Infoxchange CEO, announces 2016 as the National Year of Digital Inclusion

We are pleased to announce that 2016 is the National Year of Digital Inclusion!

CEO of Infoxchange, David Spriggs, and General Manager, Marketing and Customer Experience for StarTrack and NSW Enterprise leader for Australia Post, Theo Triantafillides, both spoke at the announcement which took place at the ACCAN conference in Sydney earlier this week.

The purpose of the National Year of Digital Inclusion is to help Australians to realise their online potential, raise awareness of digital inclusion at all levels of society and celebrate the benefits of digital literacy and digital inclusion.

The main components of the National Year of Digital Inclusion include:

Go Digi Mentors Program

We aim to have 10,000 people become Go Digi Mentors to help their friends, family and workmates learn digital skills. Get started by signing up to become a Go Digi Mentor and undertake our free online training. 

Pop Up Festivals

Our Pop Up Festivals are big, bold, fun celebrations in each state and territory that will bring together libraries, neighbourhood houses and other community organisations to help people learn digital skills.  Register your community organisation to become a Go Digi Network Partner and hold a Pop Up event in your location.

National Conversations

A series of eight events across the states and territories, aiming to make digital inclusion part of the national conversation.  Conversations are planned for Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, and Adelaide with international and local speakers.


Three of our champions were introduced at the National Year of Digital Inclusion announcement in Sydney, including David Bartlett, Nan Bosler and Brad Howarth. Hear what our Champions have to say about the value of participating in the National Year of Digital Inclusion in our video: 


If you want to get involved or have a great idea for 2016 National Year of Digital Inclusion, get in touch at [email protected]