Remixing the web with SLV


Go Digi remixed photo - An archived photo of early computers from the State Library of Victoria from 1970. It has been remixed with a picture of an ipad and some colourful text to demonstrate the difference between 1970 and 2015

The following is a blog post by Lisa Fletcher from the Go Digi team:

Back when I was studying design, I came to realise that my drawing ability was  rudimentary compared to my classmates. Luckily for me, computers came to the rescue! I found the software daunting at first, but I soon got the hang of it and was able to share with others the ideas that I could picture in my head.


It can be expensive to buy your own computer software. Until recent years, there weren’t many alternatives, but today, there are lots of free and inexpensive computer programs and apps that can help to create  and share designs.

Today we have thousands of images at our fingertips in the public domain or licenced Creative Commons that we can use for free. The only ‘payment’ often required is an acknowledgement of the owner of the image.

The State Library of Victoria recently launched the Digital Pool with over 200,000 historical images that you can search online. They’re also encouraging us to creatively ‘remix’ the images from the Digital Pool to create something new. You can see my attempt above.

Once you have created your new image, you can share it on social media adding the hashtag #remixvic – if you’re not sure about what a hashtag is or how to use it, we have a new Go Digi guide on Hashtags to help you.

We also have two new Go Digi learning guides that can help you to start unleashing your creativity:

1. What online tools can I use to edit photos and design things?

2. How to find and use free images​

Jump in and start learning how you can use digital tools to create, make and share today!