New Guide for Affordable and Accessible Technology Now Available Online

Laptop with accessibility options on screen

A new guide from ACCAN and Media Access Australia was launched this year at the annual ACCAN conference. The Affordable Access project addresses two of the key pillars of digital inclusion – affordability and accessibility of technology.

The Affordable Access project is an online guide which provides information on low-cost technology with useful accessibility features. The online resource also highlights what technology may be suitable for specific scenarios. These scenarios were created in collaboration with people with disabilities to identify commonly used products for various needs. This peer advice is a great approach to the guides as people accessing them can be confident that others are also using the technology.

Affordability and accessibility are essential if all Australians are to participate in an increasingly digitally-dependant society. However, the recent Digital Inclusion Index noted that people with a disability are some of the most digital excluded people groups in Australia. Helping people find the right technology is also a large part of the challenge, especially in specific cases such as the ones listed on the Affordable Access website

Screen shot of Affordable Access website

The Affordable Access website includes a number of different resources including a fact sheet, a checklist for purchasing a new device and guides for work, families, seniors and students.

Another great section of the project is “What’s Possible?” where they look at ways that more tech-savvy users can get more out of their devices including the popular Raspberry Pi 2.

If you or someone you know could benefit from more affordable and accessible technology, the Affordable Access resources is available at