Network Partner of the Month: Campaspe Regional Library


Go Digi is a national digital literacy program with the goal of supporting more than 300,000 Australians to improve their digital skills. And we’re lucky to have over 350 Network Partners across Australia, to share this vision. Every month we highlight one of our amazing Network Partners as they share how they’re working towards a digitally inclusive society.

We last featured City of Salisbury, this month we’re pleased to introduce Network Partner, Campaspe Regional Library.


What inspired you to sign up as a Go Digi Network Partner?

Our library service (Campaspe Regional Library) was very clear that it wished to support people of all ages with technology. We had achieved eSmart Libraries accreditation and it seemed a logical step to widen our partnerships and promote what we do and how we assist our community to connect by learning how to use and enjoy technology.

It was excellent to have the connection with GoDigi, we gained valuable support, resources and an opportunity to be involved in the National Year of Digital Inclusion. We continue to work with GoDigi and really value being a partner, currently we are trialling a new evaluation tool and we have recently had two pop-up events where GoDigi resources were handed out.  We were thrilled to be shared winner of the GoDigi NYDI Network Partner is 2016.

What does your organisation do?

As a public library we provide a wide range of services, programs and resources that meet the educational, informational and recreational needs of our community.  We have an extensive range of print, audio and digital items including online resources and eResources. 

We provide assistance, support and training to people who need a hand to be comfortable using technology through formal classes, as well as one to one support.  A wide variety of early literacy programs, as well as the promotion of reading and learning new skills through social clubs and workshops for older adults are offered.  Safe and welcoming spaces to encourage all members of the community to utilise our services and resources, attend an event or participate in a program.

How does your organisation help the community build digital literacy skills?

We continue to be an eSmart Library by promoting the safe, smart and responsible use of technology – this underpins all of our training – either in a group setting or one to one.  We have Tech Time on a weekly basis that allows members of the community to pop in and ask a question, whether it’s something about their PC, mobile device or how to access and online resource of the library, one of our staff will aim to assist them.

 We have a number of volunteers that assist us if people require a little more time in setting up an email account or using an eGov service.   Tech Zone for young people is offered at two of our libraries on a monthly basis, as well as providing additional sessions at various other venues such as Neighbourhood Houses, Planned Activity Groups and Festivals.  We have run a number of successful Tech Savvy Seniors sessions at all of our libraries and we have recently joined the Be Connected Network that will allow us to focus again on supporting older adults to become more comfortable with technology. 

Photo: Students playing with tech


When is your next face-to-face learning event (pop-up)?

We have monthly iPad and Samsung classes coming up, as well as being involved in the ICT day at Echuca College in November.

Do you have a #digiconfession to share? (where… a #digiconfession is a technological mishap)

A staff member, Denise, recalls a time when she needed to respond to an email by sending confirmation of an account to a business. She was definitely sure she had done so but when contacted by the customer querying where the email was, she realised she had sent it back to herself. 

Can you share one of your favourite memories of community member whose life has been transformed by developing digital skills?

Iris had been finding it expensive to maintain contact with family overseas. When she found out that she was able to make contact using Facebook phone and video calls using WiFi and not her phone data, she was so delighted. She now has even more contact with grandchildren who live out of the country and is looking forward to seeing them as she is sure they will now recognize her!

Is there anything else you want to share?

We continue to seek new partnerships and opportunities to bring technology to our community. In 2014 we received a grant which included purchasing some technology – we chose to purchase iPads and Osmo sets which we felt could be used with children and adults who have ASD. The Osmo sets have certainly assisted us in bringing new learning and fun opportunities for children of all ages, and in fact far beyond what they were initially intended for. Within our Community Outreach Program they have been used very well with older adults with early onset dementia.

There have been some incredible stories of how clients have become animated and responsive through the use of this product and has given them the opportunity to use technology in a supported and safe environment. We are very keen to keep using and trialling new products, harness our own skills and assist parents and young people to learn new skills too – particularly around coding/programming/apps and games.


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