The National Year of Digital Inclusion in Queensland

The Queensland Government recognises the critical importance of digital literacy and competency in a developing and expanding economy. Skills in digital literacy that enable people to, for example, find employment, improve their education, access services and connect socially with friends and family.

Assisting in the development of digital literacy and inclusion across Queensland is a key priority for the Queensland Government.

We want Queenslanders to realise their online potential at all levels of society – and throughout the state, a wide range of activities aimed at improving digital literacy capacities are available from organisations and individuals who, with the government, share a vision of a digitally competent society.

Check out these activities at - and get involved!

If you have activities you would like to make available to Queenslanders and list on our calendar, just email [email protected] with the subject line ‘NYDI activity’. Please include your activity/ies in the following format:

Date                Activity Name             Location in Queensland       URL/Further information

You will receive a reply email advising if your nomination has been successful.

Come on Queenslanders – get involved and realise your digital potential!

Image, "Brisbane" by Sam Gao used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license