Make a difference this International Literacy Day

What better way to celebrate International Literacy Day than by becoming a Go Digi Mentor?

This year the theme for International Literacy Day is Literacy and Sustainable Societies. Like UNESCO, we believe that literacy is a key driver for sustainable development, with new technology providing “fresh opportunities for literacy for all”.

Helping someone to improve their digital literacy is an opportunity to make real difference in someone’s life. Improved digital skills can help someone to connect with friends and family, learn for free online, save money, find a new job, stay healthy, and a lot more.

To start helping your friends, family and workmates improve their digital skills, register on Go Digi to become a Mentor. We have a short online Mentors training course to support you, as well as lots of easy-to-print Go Digi learning guides. 

You don’t need to be a technology expert to become a Go Digi Mentor - if you use the internet to help you in your everyday life, you have the ability to help others.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a difference this International Literacy Day by becoming a Go Digi Mentor!

Because your mum should be able to follow the score online too.