Infographic: Australians and digital literacy - mentors wanted!

Technololgy offers a lot of great opportunities for everyone, but unless people know how to use it, they're going to miss out. We believe that anyone with digital skills can help others by becoming a digital mentor. But what will it take to be a digital mentor? A Go Digi national poll held earilier this year surveyed over 1,000 Australians to find out what sort of technology people needed help with, who was asking for help and the benefits of helping others. Here's a quick snapshot of what people told us!

62% of people still needed help with using computers while smartphones and tablets required significantly less help at 22% and 8% respectively.

Email and basic office productivity still rank high on the list of things that people need help with, along with online shopping, social media and general IT issues. If you're confident with sending emails or using Facebook, you can help!

Who needs help? It's likely to be one of your friends or family! It's those closest to you that need assistance. Often, it's also your workmates or even neighbours. If you've ever helped someone use their smartphone or helped a colleague to find something on their computer, you already have what it takes to be a digital skills mentor!

89% of people surveyed have been asked for help with digital technology but many people think they don't have the right skills or experience to help others. 81% of people rarely helped and 55% of people actively avoided helping because of this. If this is you, think again! If you're reading this blog post on your computer, you already have a set of skills that can help others. If you ended up on this page by clicking a link in an email, you already know how to use email! If you made it here from a link on Facebook or Twitter, you already know how to use social media! For many, these things are taken for granted but for others, they need help with it. 

The reality is that many of us agree that having digital skills and digital confidence is important. We also know that helping others is a great way to feel good about yourself - 79% of people said so! So why not feel good by supporting your friends, family or work colleagues by teaching them one simple digital skill that you may have? It could be posting videos on Facebook, sorting emails, using keyboard shortcuts or even just explaining the different buttons on a mouse! You can help build someone's confidence and digital literacy with just one hint or tip that you've picked up.

If you want more info on being a digital skills mentor, register today as a Go Digi Mentor!