Go Digi Work Experience!

The following Go Digi blog post has been written by Claudie Skubel about her time at Infoxchange, working on the Go Digi project amongst others. 


Image: Out to lunch! Claudia (left) with Camilla (right), the new Go Digi Events Coordinator. 

Hi all.

My name is Claudia and I am a student currently studying year 10 at the Academy of Mary immaculate. I recently took a week off school (I didn’t really, but that’s how I like to see it) and did my work experience at Infoxchange.

I have been interested in studying journalism, at university once I finish high school, for a number of years now. I heard about Infoxchange through the work experience co-ordinator at school when she saw an ad for the Yarra Reporter in a local newspaper. We contacted them, and I must say it is the best thing I could have done.

Here is a little overview of my week in numbers:

3 different projects, 5 days of work experience, 6 news articles, 16 emails sent and 2290 words written.

During my five days I was able to work on three different projects that Infoxchange runs. I mainly worked on the Go Digi project but also did some work on the YouthSpark program and the Yarra Reporter.

The majority of my work from the week was for the Go Digi program. I wrote 3 different pieces for a range of news mediums about the Go Digi Program. I wrote one for a senior’s newspaper, one for a senior’s newsletter and another one for a magazine that goes out to libraries. By doing this I am helping get the word out about what the Go Digi program is, what they are doing to help Australians and also what the National Year of Digital Inclusion is. I had heaps of fun writing up the pieces and getting to work with the team in charge of Go Digi.

On my very first day I was lucky to be taken to a presentation on the YouthSpark program for potential partners and also the Graduation of six students from their round two intake for the program. Later that week I was asked to write two pieces on the YouthSpark program. One for the Infoxchange website about the graduation and one for the Microsoft partner network blog about the program and the Australian partner conference (APC) that YouthSpark had done a presentation at.

On the Thursday I had coffee with one of the people who run the Yarra Reporter program and got to chat to her about writing, university, the Yarra Reporter project and other things. I even got to submit a piece of my own to her that might get put up on the website later this year!

On my last day a group of us took advantage of the fact that the office is right near Victoria Street and went out for lunch. We went to a local Vietnamese restaurant called phoenix and I had a bowl of Pho for the first time ever. It was so good.

I had so much fun and am so grateful to have been able to come to Infoxchange and do my work experience. I hope that I can come back in future and do another week.

So I am going to finish off with one more number.

1 amazing experience that lasted a whole week.


Claudia Skubel