The Go Digi Network – is your organisation on board?


Go Digi is a 4 year national year digital literacy program run in partnership by Infoxchange and Australia Post. With the recent launch of the Go Digi program, we are now focusing on enabling organisations to improve digital inclusion in their communities through the Go Digi Network.


The network is made up of organisations across Australia who are working across the country to help promote the benefits of digital inclusion and are helping people learn digital skills.

Nan and Tegan work together on the Go Digi website


Joining the network sends a strong message to your community about your organisation’s commitment to helping people access all of the benefits that digital inclusion can bring, including in the areas of education, health and wellbeing, accessing essential services, communication and more.


Go Digi Network Partners on board currently include libraries, neighbourhood houses, local governments and other community groups across the country. Last week, we had 50 network partners signed up, with this number increasing every day. 


The Network Partner Program is flexible and can be moulded around your organisation and community approach. Benefits of partnership include:

  • free easy to read learning materials on a range of topics
  • free event listings on the Go Digi Platform
  • free event guides on how to plan, market and run face-to-face digital skills learning events.

In addition, Go Digi will be providing Network Partners with an opportunity later this year to gain seed funding and equipment to host their own digital learning events. This opportunity will only be available to Network Partners. 


Joining the Network provides a chance to connect to similar organisations in your community and across Australia, as well as play a key role in the National Year of Digital Inclusion in 2016. 


If you’d like for information about Go Digi you can drop us a line on 03 9418 7478 or [email protected]


If you’re ready to become a Network Partner head to Go Digi to get started!  


Let’s work together to help all Australians realise their online potential.