Digital literacy discussions in Canberra

On 28 November, as one of our final events for the National Year of Digital Inclusion (NYDI), Infoxchange and Internet Australia held an event with MPs, Senators and staff to hear uplifting stories about the importance of being connected and the work that is being done to ensure that everyone has the skills required to benefit from access to the internet.

Around 40 Senators, members and associated staff heard from CEO of Infoxchange David Spriggs and NYDI Champions Nan Bosler ( ASCCA) and Laurie Patton ( Internet Australia) as well as Peter Radoll, Dean of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies at Canberra University. David gave an overview of the work of Go Digi and the National year of Digital Inclusion, Nan spoke in particular to the challenges facing older Australians, and Laurie opened up a discussion on the benefits of building a strong Internet infrastructure for Australia. Finally Peter Radoll spoke to the need to understand the many faceted use of internet and devices for indigenous Australians.

The ensuing discussion covered a lot of ground ranging from and exploration of the figures from the recently released Australian Digital Inclusion Index and the challenges that represented through to questions of how MPs and Senators can have a positive impact on the development of digital capacity – especially in rural and regional Australia.

It was great to see so many engaged politicians and staff involved in the event.