The Digital Inclusion Manifesto - have your say

If you’re reading this online, you’re already a step ahead of many Australians. There are many Australians who lack even the basic skills and confidence to get online.  

We want to change that and we invite you to join in. 

Digital technology is increasingly influencing the way we live. It’s changed the way we look for work, how we communicate with each other and stay informed. Australia’s digital future is gradually emerging as we see governments, schools, business and community organisations all embrace the use of technology to deliver services. 

But in our push to innovate and create new opportunities through technology, there are many Australians who are being left out lacking the basic digital skills and confidence to participate. 

One in five Australians Australian adults aren’t online. That’s almost 4 million people who are missing out on the benefits of the Internet such as job searching, access to information, communication and services. 

For Australia to be digitally inclusive, it needs the support of people, organisations and groups who want to see our communities thriving through the opportunities technology offers. 

The Digital Inclusion Manifesto 

The Digital Inclusion Manifesto will bring together the ideas, intentions and actions that will be needed to make sure all Australians have the opportunity to participate in a digital future.  

Our goal is to create a guiding plan that will define the key areas Australia will need to focus on to make sure we are inclusive in our approach to digital technology.  

We will then use this Manifesto to engage government, businesses, community organisations and individuals to ask them to commit to playing their part in creating a digitally inclusive Australia, together. 

Have your say on a digitally inclusive Australia 

A draft of the Digital Inclusion Manifesto has already been developed in collaboration with community groups in Australia, and we want your feedback. 

First, we’d like you to read through the six key points that make up the manifesto. 

Once you’ve done that, we’d love to hear from you. Do you agree with the points? Would you change them? Is there something missing? Let us know your thoughts by sending us an email or filling out the form on the Digital Inclusion Manifesto page. 

Please provide your feedback by the 15 July 2016. 

Read the draft Digital Inclusion Manifesto