Coffee, Cake and Computers - Glenorchy LINC Coffee


The Go Digi team knows that there are an infinite number of different and creative ways in which you can run digital literacy training.  Glenorchy LINC (Tasmania) decided digital literacy training accompanied with coffee and cake was the perfect combination! As big fans of cake and coffee ourselves- we wholeheartedly agree! 

At Glenorchy LINC Coffee, Cake and Computers sessions are fun and interactive classes that encourage seniors to try new technology, meet new people and help each other learn new skills. The majority of the learners are new computer users and we deliver sessions that build people’s confidence to use technology and search the internet.

Many of our learners are scared to go onto the internet because of fears about cyber safety. To help address this we ran a session during Seniors Week about how to stay safe online and computer basics.

The Seniors Week session at Glenorchy LINC (Tasmania) was a fantastic opportunity for our clients to try things they may normally be afraid to attempt and learn about how to stay safe online. Learners practiced their new skills and helped each other to explore the computers and the internet. As confidence grew we took our group onto GoDigi and showed them how to access all of the wonderful resources around cyber safety.

The group really liked exploring Scamwatch, where they searched about current scams and what to look out for and what to do if you think you have been scammed. They also talked about scams they had heard of, or seen others effected by. Working together they were about to discuss and find out how to start protecting themselves.

The group were very concerned about the move to internet banking and paying bills online. This led to interesting discussions about identifying safe and trusted sites and what to do if you receive emails asking for money payments. We gave the learners handouts to take home with them and the links to different websites so they could practice at home.

For all of our learners we also encourage them to book in with a Glenorchy LINC volunteer the week after a course to practice their skills learnt the previous week. This builds our learners' confidence in knowing where to come for help and helps them not to worry about things that occur when using technology.