Celebrating 26TEN week by getting people online

26TEN, Tasmania’s campaign for adult literacy and numeracy, is focussing on the theme, ‘Read, write, count – online’ for its 4th birthday.

26TEN Manager, Sue Costello, says we need to support adults to get online, particularly those with low literacy.

“Many Australians aren’t online because they don’t have the literacy and numeracy skills needed in a technology rich world,” she says.

“Online services are quick and convenient, if you know how to use them. If you already struggle with reading or writing you miss out on those benefits. You may even miss out on some services completely.”

“We can’t assume that everyone can fill in online forms, we know many people can’t. 26TEN is working to raise people’s literacy and numeracy skills to help them get online. We also need to make sure people get support with technology in an approachable and engaging way, so they don’t miss out on services.”

Games, competitions and online learning

26TEN is running a competition called ‘Times have changed.” It involves sending us a photo of the way we used to do everyday things before digital technology and a photo of the way we do them now.


During 26TEN Week, LINC Tasmania is running many fun events to help people with digital literacy.

Sorell has a ‘Get Connected’ day on Friday 28 where people can get digitally connected, and at St Helens you can ‘Get framed and share online’ on Wednesday 26.

We hope everyone gets involved in 26TEN Week and appreciates that letters and numbers really are the tools for life, including life in this digital world.

About 26TEN

26TEN represents the 26 letters of the alphabet and ten digits we use for counting.

26TEN helps businesses, community groups and government, educators and individuals work together so all Tasmanian adults have the skills they need for work and life.

For more information visit www.26ten.tas.gov.au or contact Allison Mitchell, Communications Officer, 26TEN on 6165 5512 or 0409 405 068 or [email protected]