Academy Xi teaches the digital skills of tomorrow


Finding work in the digital age isn’t as straightforward as job hunting once was. Thanks to the ever accelerating growth of technology, jobs are evolving faster than universities and TAFEs can keep up with. This is the space Academy Xi was born into: the cross-section of up-skilling and professional development, where our range of courses are designed to fill emerging skills gaps in the industry and prepare the workforce of tomorrow.


About Academy Xi

Two years ago, Academy Xi was founded by Ben Wong and Charbel Zeaiter on the premise of creating an education company, driven by a purpose to empower students by providing teaching tools to help them activate themselves and create their own waves of change.

Innovative new technologies are rolling out at a dizzying pace. While some of this new tech has replaced certain jobs, it’s also opened up entirely new career possibilities. The emergence of these digital-centric roles saw the rise of Academy Xi to help prepare the modern day workforce with necessary experience.

Our courses and workshop events provide practical skills and knowledge in areas such as Virtual Reality Design, Augmented Reality Design, Service Design, User Experience Design and Growth Marketing to help job seekers become more desirable to employers.

What inspired you to sign up as a Go Digi Network Partner?

Partnering with Go Digi was a no brainer for us as we share the same goal of educating communities on digital technology. We are both committed to helping those of all ages upskill and learn the necessary skills to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. We’re very excited about joining forces with the Go Digi team and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise so everybody can enjoy technology as much as we do. 

Filling the skills gap

Students at Academy Xi  apply their learnings in real-world scenarios to truly put their digital skills to the test. A prime example of this is our recent Growth Hack Idol competition. The challenge saw some of our best and brightest growth marketers and their agencies working with three not-for-profit organisations – Madeline and Alannah Foundation, Startout and eOrygen – to help them achieve monumental business growth.    

For those who don’t already know: growth marketing, in a nutshell, involves attracting more engaged customers, often by adopting an unconventional, data-driven approach.

Each of our growth hacker teams set out to help their not-for-profit flourish in their area of opportunity, working with a zero dollar budget and relying purely on their innovative growth hacker strategies. The end result? The Madeline and Alannah Foundation and their digital agency partner, The Revery, were awarded our prestigious “Golden Metric Crown” for achieving the most significant growth hack outcome.

In just one month, they managed to reach 131.1% more impressions and 74.3% increase in total engagements. Not bad for not spending a cent.

Do you have a #digiconfession to share? where… a #digiconfession is a technological mishap

One time we were running a VR event and getting students to walk across a simulated ‘plank’ between two skyscrapers. We would then tell the students to jump to the side to experience a simulated fall. One girl was so immersed in the virtual world, however, when we told her to jump she decided to do a swan dive. This of course resulted in a face-plant and all of the VR gear being knocked to the floor! Welcome to the hazards of the virtual world…

Can you share one of your favourite memories of a community member whose life has been transformed by developing digital skills?

One of our fondest memories was when we sponsored a tech scholarship focusing on helping refugees build their digital skills. The scholarship was awarded to an asylum seeker looking to work in User Experience Design and she’s currently enrolled with us studying just that - and loving it!

A commitment to lifelong learning  

Growth marketing is just one example of how digital technologies are being incorporated into the workforce, and this trend is only set to continue. As more and more businesses expect employees to possess a mix of digital skills, it’s become essential for professionals to continually upskill or risk falling behind. Academy Xi proactively equips professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital world.
See you in the future!


If you’re interested in learning more about Growth Marketing, make sure to sign up for their Melbourne-based Launch into Growth Marketing bootcamp, scheduled for the 13th of January 2018. For information on their other courses, head to their site, or watch their Growth Hack Idol trailer here.