Course overview

Bee-Bots are an exciting programmable floor robot for Early Years and Primary School children.  The simplistic controls and friendly design allow children to quickly start using the little robot, from directing it to move forward or backward and turn left or right.


What will you learn?

As well as having adventures navigating a map or an obstacle course, you can have children spell out words using letters on the floor. Involving children in the design process will encourage participation and development of problem-solving skills as they discover for themselves what works well.


Saturday, 19 November, 2016 - 10:30 - 11:30
Greenbank Library
145-167 Teviot Road
Greenbank QLD 4124

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Frequently asked questions

Does it cost money?
No, all sessions are free.
Do I need to be a member of Logan City Council Libraries?
No, but we would like to join you at the beginning of the training session. It is free to join Logan City Council Libraries, and you don't need to be a rate payer, or live in Logan to join. Just bring some form of identification with your current address to join.
Do I need to book?
Yes, bookings are required. Go to or contact your local library.

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Greenbank Library, 145-167 Teviot Road, Greenbank, 4124
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