Course overview

Ozobots are miniature robots (small enough to fit on a fifty cent coin) designed for people of all ages to learn basic coding in a fun and easy way. The robots follow lines on paper or digital screens, and detect codes based on colour.

What makes Ozobots special is that they are a fun tool that we can program to complete basic tasks using an iPad, android tablet or phone, or old school paper and coloured pens.




What will you learn?

This fun workshop walks you through the basics of coding and robotics and builds your digital literacy skills.



Friday, 18 November, 2016 - 14:00 - 15:00
Logan Hyperdome Library
66-70 Mandew Street
Shailer Park QLD 4128

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Frequently asked questions

Does it cost money?
No, all sessions are free.
Do I need to be a member of Logan City Council Libraries?
No, but we would like to join you at the beginning of the training session. It is free to join Logan City Council Libraries, and you don't need to be a rate payer, or live in Logan to join. Just bring some form of identification with your current address to join.
Do I need to book?
Yes, bookings are required. Go to or contact your local library.

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Logan Hyperdome Library, Mandew Street, Shailer Park, 4128.
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