We’re living in a digital age but many Australians are being left behind and don’t have the skills to make the most of being connected. 1 in 5 Australian adults are not online* - that's almost 4 million people.

To help change this, Infoxchange and Australia Post have joined together to create Go Digi. ​Go Digi is a national four year digital literacy program with the goal of supporting more than 300,000 Australians to improve their digital skills.​

Together Infoxchange and Australia Post are working with communities around Australia, with a focus on the following audiences:

  • Ageing community members
  • Regional and remote communities.
  • CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities
  • Indigenous communities
  • Small businesses

The Go Digi platform has 5 components to help people around Australia realise their online potential

1. Network

Central to the Go Digi program is the Go Digi Network. The Go Digi Network consists of network partner organisations with a commitment to improving digital literacy in their communities.  Go Digi Network Partners include local governments, libraries, neighbourhood houses and other not-for-profit organisations. 

By joining together to support learners, the Go Digi Network amplifies and accelerates the great work being done in communities around Australia. 

We invite any community focused organisation committed to improving digital literacy to join the Go Digi network.

Find out about joining the network here.

2. Online Platform

The Go Digi Online Platform goes hand in hand with the Go Digi network, facilitating the establishment of the Go Digi network. 

By registering as a Go Digi network Partner, the Go Digi Platform enables suitable community focused organisations to;

  • add their upcoming face-to-face learning events to the Go Digi online platform
  • access planning and resourcing materials for running a successful face-to-face learning events (we like to call them Pop Ups) 
  • search for other organisations in their area delivering on similar objectives

The Go Digi Platform also enables individuals to;

  • access easy to read learning materials to build their online skills and confidence
  • register as a learner to favourite guides and track their progress on guide quizzes
  • find face-to-face learning with Go Digi Network Partners near them by entering their postcode
  • undertake online training in how to become a Go Digi Mentor to help friends and family

3. Pop-Ups 

Go Digi Pop Ups are face-to-face learning events in local communities listed on the Go Digi platform. A Go Digi Pop Up can be anything you want it to be and it can happen anywhere! Perhaps a school, community gardens or even a farmers market. As long as it has a focus on helping people realise their online potential. 

To help registered Go Digi Network Partners, we have developed the Go Digi Pop Up Pack. The pop up pack helps registered Go Digi Network Partners plan and run fun learning sessions. The pop up pack has guidelines, tools and templates to help any network partner run a pop up tailored to their community.

The Go Digi Pop Up Pack has lots of different ideas about how Network Partners can help their community.  The Go Digi Pop Up Pack encourages network partners to take learning out of the classroom and into the community. 

Search for a pop up near you here.


4. Mentoring Program

We all know someone who could do with some help online. The Go Digi Mentoring Program is an online mentor training program to help everyday Australians help others. If you use the internet in your everyday life you could become a Go Digi Mentor. ​

This form of peer-to-peer learning is highly successful in helping people learn digital skills. The short training program will provide an opportunity to Australians everywhere to become a digital skills mentor.

As a Go Digi mentor you can mentor a friend, colleague, family member or neighbour.

Become a Go Digi Mentor here and watch our short online Mentors training videos with lots of tips on how to help others.

5. National Year of Digital Inclusion 

The National Year of Digital Inclusion (NYDI), observed in 2016, aimed to help Australia:

The foundation components of the National Year of Digital Inclusion were:

NYDI National Conversations – a series of 10 events across the states and territories, aiming to make digital inclusion part of the national conversation.

NYDI Community Pop Up Festivals –big, bold fun celebrations of the NYDI celebrating digital inclusion in communities around Australia.

Go Digi: A National Digital Literacy Project - Realise your online potential


* Campbell, S, Mason, C. Griffith, C. et al. Broadband Impact and Challenges: realising the benefits from the digital economy  Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation, CSIRO EP1312215